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1984 Tattoo

New Millennium Records
Founded 1997

Mission Statement:

We promote public awareness of humanism, intelligence and excellence, of recognizing our assets, not just the deficits, that every artist, painter, architect, every scientific thought, every note of music, every level of excellence, whether in the boardroom or on the playing field, comes from within us and is the very essence of our souls. There are on-line retail store services featuring musical and video recordings, downloadable music files, books, writings, compositions, and artwork.

We promote others by providing links to a wide variety of websites that showcase human accomplishment and expression in the form of praiseworthy humanistic endeavors, visual art, music, architecture, philosophy, written prose, science, history, editorial and anything virtuous.

It also features recordings of composer Hayden Wayne, of whom Jerry Dubin of Fanfare Magazine said: "There is nothing that smacks of populist, commercial art. I would place Wayne very high among the ranks of major American symphonists."

The Grand Salon


The Classroom

Here is what one visitor to The Classroom had to say. "It is a wonderful site and a fun way to learn - perfect for neophytes such as myself, but I'm sure everyone could benefit from it. I've only had time for a brief visit yesterday (work...) but will have time today to explore (I've bookmarked, of course). I needed help figuring out the meter in Ravel's Bolero (that's how much of a neophyte I am) but once I got it, it made sense. This is not only a great way to understand classical music, it is applicable to so much more. Again, I thank you for the suggestion. It'll be fun exploring the various classrooms."