Answer for Recess 5

The music you heard is supposed to depict a skyrocket hitting and blowing up the Town Hall during a Fourth of July celebration. The work is titled Fourth of July and it was composed by Charles Ives. The movement comes from the Holidays Symphony.

Ives: Holidays Symphony; Michael Tilson Thomas and Chicago Symphony Orchestra; Label=CBS Catalog number=42381

Ives wrote some extremely experiemental music during the early 1900s. He composed one of the most difficult piano works ever written, called the Concord Sonata. To sample a bit of that magnum opus, click here.

Ives: Concord Sonata; Aloys Kontarsky, Piano; Label=Time. This recording was only released on LP and has been out of print for at least 30 years.

I suggest you take a rest after that experience> Return to classroom.